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my first blog but I feel I must write it to encourage others...



My name is Christine, I am 33 years young and a mother to 2 beautiful girls.   I was thin my entire life but I did always struggle with food issues at the age of 20 I got pregnant with my first daughter gained the normal 20 pounds but didnt lose them after having her over the next several years I slowly packed on pound after pound and then at 170 pounds got pregnant with my second child, needless to say I only gained 20 pounds with that pregnancy also lost all of the weight immediately after having her but started to pack on the pounds again all the way up to 204 pounds.  I went to the doctor's on April 23rd 2010 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was told to increase my blood pressure medication which I had been on for about 5 years.   I immediately came home determined to change my diet so that I would be here to watch my 2 girls grow up and have a quality of life.  I also didnt exercise ever!!  I decided to pull out that wii fit brush the dust off of it and start using it, the first day I got on I did the step program for about 18 minutes and thought I would die of exhaustion but I enjoyed doing it, everyday I would increase my time by a few minutes and very quickly the weight began to drop off pound by pound in the first 3 months I lost over 35 pounds.  I now stick to my eating plan which is for life and I use the wii fit everyday for approximately 40 minutes using a variety of the exercise programs.  I can say I now weigh 142 pounds and I no longer have type 2 diabetes nor do I have high blood pressure!!!  I wake up every morning at 530 am and get in my exercise and I am a much happier healthier person today, thank you Wii!!!!


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Christine Comment by Christine on January 25, 2011 at 3:18pm
Hi Karen, that wii fit will be the best purchase you have made but its all in how willing you are to use it!!  I struggled in the beginning with my laziness it was just so hard to go from couch potato to fitness woman lol.  I wish you much luck you can do it!  I actually just cut out bad carbs (carbs that also contained alot of sugar) the only carbs I really eat are potatoes, fruits and i do have occasional carbs just not combined with another carb and not alot.  I eat south beach diet bars or eggs for breakfast and then I usually have a salad with tuna or chicken for lunch or sometimes a light soup.  I try to eat lean protein for dinner with vegetables and I do snack on things such as popcorn, rice cakes, 70 calorie no sugar added rice pudding, sugar free pudding, nuts or string cheese.   Good Luck you can do anything you put your mind to and just stick with it because the results are worth it!!
Karen Thomas Comment by Karen Thomas on January 25, 2011 at 2:36pm
Wow  this is so great. I am just now getting the wii fit. I am so excited. I want to lose 25 to 30 pounds. I am 40 and I a have 3 great girls and I am 172. I am a size 14 to 16 and I hate it so much. What eating plan do you use?

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