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Welcome to the Wii Mommies , the largest and fastest growing site dedicated to improving individual health and fitness using the Wii Fit exercise system.

In May of 2008, Julie Maloney found herself putting on a size 16 and weighing in around 220 pounds.  She had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy a few months before and tried everything to get the weight off, hoping for some way to drop the weight quickly without all the work.

That is not possible.  It takes work.  It takes drive, dedication and determination.  One day, while Julie was miserably walking on her treadmill, she heard about a brand new fitness product for the Nintendo Wii, the Wii Fit. Julie pre-ordered it so it arrived right at her door and she figured she'd give it a shot.

The first month, Julie wouldn't go near the yoga or strength sections.  She thought they were intimidating and decided to just focus on playing the games to see what it could do.  She also tried one of those high protein, low carb diets to try to boost the weight loss but that just made her miserable.

After one month, Julie was pretty upset to see she only lost 11 pounds.  Sick of the low carb diets, she went a different route and decided she'd allow herself to eat what she wanted, only she ate half the amount.  When she'd go out to a restaurant, she'd order the burger and fries but with it, she also ordered a to-go box and immediately put half of her meal away, "Out of sight, out of mind."

That actually worked!  The key to getting fit isn't about one or the other.  It's about one AND the other.  Every day, Julie ate what she wanted, only she watched the amount she ate.  While she would try to stick to the healthier foods, she didn't punish herself for wanting some fries (she always wants fries).  Instead of getting the value meal, she'd order the kids meal. 

She also worked out.  At that time, the Wii Fit was the only virtual fitness product out and Julie used it every single day, seven days a week for just about an hour a day.  The beauty of working out with the Wii is that Julie was having so much fun, she didn't even notice the fact that she was losing inches off her waist (hula hoop)!

She stepped on the balance board every day and some times the scale would rise and other times it would fall but as time went on and Julie developed her favorite routine, she stopped focusing on the scale and focused on the fu and the pounds just kept coming off!

About six months after stepping on the Wii Fit balance board for the first time, Julie had lost 60 pounds - she averaged a ten pound a month weight loss!  Once she blogged this on her personal blog , everyone wanted to know her secret and The Wii Mommies was born.

This website was created to support YOU.  We all need someone to push us.  We have to motivate each other.  We have to turn to one another and make friends, join groups and express ourselves in the blogs.  Feel free to ask questions in the forum or if you think you need some personal attention, message Julie on her page or go to the Wii Mommies profile page. 

We're all busy.  All of us.  We have work, school, kids - the list goes on.  Many of us just don't have the time, money or desire to join a gym and once we get home or get the kids to bed, we just don't FEEL like working out.  The virtual fitness products developed for the Wii gaming system are designed to help you get fit but they're also there for you to have FUN with! 

(Okay, obviously Julie wrote this so I'm going to stop speaking in the third person, it's freaking me out)

Basically what I'm saying is this -

I had NO idea I was going to lose all of this weight.  When I first wrote about losing the weight I had no idea it was going to develop into all of this.  I just know that in the two years I've been on this journey, I've befriended the most wonderful people in this virtual world - and have even had the pleasure of meeting some in person! 

There are three key factors to successful weight loss - a proper diet you enjoy enough to stick with, a fitness routine you look forward to using every day and community support. That's why The Wii Mommies are here for you. Online, in this community and on Twitter (hashtag #WiiMoms), I've connected with people all over the world who I love and trust yet I've never once met face to face.  If it wasn't for this online community, I probably would have given up and gone back to my box of cookies.  My weight goes up and down, just like yours does.  It's this website that keeps me in check.  Knowing that all of you are looking at me to see what I'm doing.  Well I'm looking right back at you and if you need me, I'm here for you.  Let's just all try to help each other out.  We all have the same goal - we want to be healthy, get fit and look good so let's get moving!

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