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Win A $25 Subway Card and Read About My Interview With Jared! 21 Comments

Join The Wii Mommies and SUBWAY® as we support SUBWAY® spokesperson, Jared Fogle as he perpares to run the NYC marathon! I recently had an opportunity to talk to Jared and I can't believe the stri… Read More »


Join The Wii Mommies and SUBWAY® as we support SUBWAY® spokesperson, Jared Fogle as he perpares to run the NYC marathon. Click on any of the tabs below to see how you can commit to get fit and che… Read More »

Famous Fan Inspiration 12 Comments

 Laila Ali has always been an inspiration to me. Daughter oflegend boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Laila followed in her father's footsteps and hopped in the ring. She ran off eight wins in a ro… Read More »

My Interview with Jared

Since Jared is the inspiration behind Commit to Fit, we want to give you the opportunity to interview him. You can talk with him before the marathon to find out how he is feeling as the big day appro… Read More »

Making the Commitment 17 Comments

I made the decision two years ago to commit myself to getting fit and losing the weight I was carrying. It wasn't easy but I was dedicated and although it took time and dedication, it was worth… Read More »

Get Pumped Up In Style 23 Comments

New fitness gear makes working out more fun. Whether it’s a new pair of running shorts, a new gym bag or a fun colored yoga mat—you’ll want to get to the gym to try out your new stuff! I remember… Read More »

Your Training Playlist 35 Comments

I am a Wii Mommy. I’ve spent years of my life battling struggles with weight. I tried everything and found that nothing suited my lifestyle until the Wii came along. In two years, I’ve lost over 1… Read More »

Your Ultimate Training Playlist

Good tunes can make a tough workout more tolerable. What are your favorite tunes to keep you going from start to finish? Giveaway: green iPod shuffle and a $10 iTunes gift card Read More »

Sarah - Week Three 1 Comment

Ok!  The day is here and I’m writing my final review!!  I’ve had such a blast getting to know the Wii Fit Plus Routines!  I can tell already that my flexibility is getting better, and… Read More »

Stephani - Week Three

In the last week, I feel that I have become even more aware of the Wii and how to use it more effectively. When I first started, I was very over exaggerated with my movements and uncoordinated. Even… Read More »

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