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Cheryl Robinson

Whats the secret to getting a high score in the Running Game?

Hi Everyone, Can some please tell what is the "secret" to getting a high score in Wii Fit Running? I usually do about 20 minutes of running…

Started by Cheryl Robinson

0 14 hours ago
Cheryl Robinson

Best Exercises for Weak Knees

Hi Everyone, I'm new here. I've been using Wii Fit off and on for just about 2 months (I must admit it's been more OFF than on). Anyway I'v…

Started by Cheryl Robinson

8 14 hours ago
Reply by Cheryl Robinson
Christy Weinstein

Can anyone post before and after pics?

I started the Wii Fit about 20 days ago-I'm curious if anyone has pictures of their results.

Started by Christy Weinstein

3 Mar 8
Reply by Amy Guzman

Best exercises for results in thighs and tush?

Hi ladies! This is my first month using our new Wii Fit Plus. I've been trying all the various exercises and so far I haven't seemed to fee…

Started by Holly

4 Mar 10
Reply by Stacey Chadwell
Ashley Eller

New games???

Hi everyone, New to Wii mommies. Ive been doing the wii fit plus for 2mths now and I find myself getting bored sometimes.. Any suggestions…

Started by Ashley Eller

12 Jan 4
Reply by Noelle Gray
Pat Loflin

Do you wear shoes while doing Wii Plus?

Hi All:   What about shoes while doing Wii Plus?  Anyone, have been asking this and so far, no replies.  i don't know if you should wear wa…

Started by Pat Loflin

7 Nov. 4, 2010
Reply by colleen_mouse
Betty Walton

New and haven't even bought the WII yet.

I have used my neighbors but I would like to know what all I need to get.  There are so many different things.  Do I just need the Wii fit…

Started by Betty Walton

2 Oct. 25, 2010
Reply by Betty Walton
Pat Loflin

Shoes to wear when doing wiifit plus exercises

Hi:   Just discovered this site.  Have been doing Wii Plus for a while, did not wear any shoes, ended up with a stress fracture in my foot.…

Started by Pat Loflin

9 Jan 3
Reply by Pat Loflin
Gayle Hamilton

New To Wii Fit

I am new to Wii fit.  I cannot motivate my self to do anything.  How can I motivate myself to get up and exercise.  The Wii fit is fun but…

Started by Gayle Hamilton

10 Jan 11
Reply by Noelle Gray

How long do you use the Wii Fit each day?

I'm aiming for 30 minutes a day but my endorphins really got going and I did an hour and I still want to do more. How much do you do on a r…

Started by Carrie

6 Jun. 28, 2010
Reply by Julie Maloney
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