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Do you wear shoes while doing Wii Plus?

Hi All:


What about shoes while doing Wii Plus?  Anyone, have been asking this and so far, no replies.  i don't know if you should wear walking/running shoes or walking/running sandels to do the exerecises.  Would appreciate any feedback.


Tha nks



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No you are not supposed to. I wear socks but you can do it barefoot too.
Hi PAt
I don't wear any shoes while using the Wii an I have not had any problems. At times though I have to cool it because I feel pain in my left knee but that is just Arthur trying to pay me a visit, LOL.
I do it in bear feet or socks. SOmetimes I put my slippers on when I do the Free STep as my feet get sore!! That works fine for me. I don't think you are supposed to wear shoes on the board...
Thanks to all of you for your replies. I also have not been wearing shoes but the little socks that can with the Wii Plus stuff. I do think that I will wear my walking sandels for anything that is off the board. I think that is how I got the stress fracture in my foot; doing walking, running, step on a hard tile floor.

Am so glad to know that there is a site for all of us who use the Wii. Am trying to lose about 20lbs.

I guess I will join the Wii Grandmommies; I am 70 years young but trying to stay healthy and flexible. The balance exercises really help me and also the yoga ones that I can do.

Thanks again for your replies re shoes.

I personally wear sneakers when I am working out for any length of time simply because I have to wear orthotics in my shoes, so cannot comfortably go without them. I have not had a problem with them on the Wii board.
Thanks Lorrie for your input.

I use mine on the carpet, so I do not wear shoes most of the times. I cant really imagine not wearing them though if I were to be using it on a hard surface, otherwise I might put down a yoga mat or something.

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