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Today was the first day I used my WII for weight loss/excersize!  I have been going to the gym or if you call it that..when I go!  I have been really disappointed because the gym I go to has ZUMBA but only one class in the evening and it is WAY over crowded to the point I walked out of the class.


Does anyone have ZUMBA for WII?  Do you love it and do you recommend it?  Also since this is so new to me can you recommend what other games I should purchase...IE: WII Fit, WII EA Active??  I am someone who gets board easily and will use that as an excuse not to work out!


Help the first time WII Mommy.


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Alice Rice Comment by Alice Rice on March 4, 2011 at 3:30pm
I had great success with wii fit plus.  Lost 20 lbs is 7 months.  I've now been doing to EA active 2.  Much more intense - but fun and rather quick, most are under 30 min.  As for Zumba - I have also been considering getting the wii game.  So I'm anxious to hear others reviews too!  Good luck on your journey- you can do it!!

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