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and fitness is my game (You like that one? My game? *giggle*), James and I agreed that while physical exercise is very important, you need to be mindful of what and how often you eat. I told him in the past few years I've become very familiar with the Gatorade G2 series because I love that I can have the hydration without all the calories and he was saying that watching Mark go through the testing to determine his baseline physiology was very impressive and he didn't realize until now how involved the science behind Gatorade's products are in regards to athletic testing.
and the coaches make sure the players drink up to keep their bodies hydrated and muscles at their peak physical condition. The series consists of three beverages - the 01/Prime, 02/Thirst Quencher, and 03/Recover. Don't confuse the 02/Thirst Quencher with G2 - they're totally different products. James said his coach makes sure all the players drink plenty of Prime and everyone sees the Thirst Quencher on the field (and sometimes being dumped on the coach's head after the game). I asked about the Recover and he said a lot of players have various routines they follow post-game but the entire G-Series line is available for everyone throughout each game.

I was also privy to a little secret. Given that I'm not wanting to up my carbs so much but I do want to have the ability to Prime, Quench and Recover with my workouts I heard that Gatorade will be coming out with a lighter version much like the G2 we've all grown attached to for us non-professional athletes in the world.

I'm sure I'll be getting more info on that as the line rolls out but right now Gatorade wanted to give everyone the chance to check this GSSI testing out for yourself. Gatorade and NFL Films will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how elite NFL rookies like Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Mark Herzlich and others make the leap from college to the pros in a new online series, “Everything to Prove.”

Knowing that athletes need the right fuels at the right times to support training and performance goals
and need to train their bodies to accept these fuels at critical times, GSSI is providing elite athletes with an easy-to-follow program to help improve performance by ensuring they have the appropriate fuel in their bodies before, during and after training sessions and competition. This program will be customized to the type and time of day of each athlete’s training sessions and competitions.

The weekly documentary-style program will showcase key milestones rookies experience heading into their inaugural NFL season, including the pivotal role sports nutrition plays in elevating their performance to the professional level. The journey begins this month at

So I'm happy. I got to be a part of the Gatorade GSSI testing and the NFL again this year, making me as cool as I tell everyone I am. I know this is a bit more on the profesh side, but regardless of my sense of humor and everyday blogging, physical fitness is very important to me and guiding others is what I aim to do. Gatorade isn't just one of those sports drinks that are loaded up with sugar and call themselves healthy. They work every day to improve the overall health for each of us and help athletes around the world stay happy, healthy and hydrated. I say check it out. I went through a bit of these tests myself where I looked like a tool because my hair was the absolute WRONG color and I was drooling but you're welcome to watch the hour long production from I haven't seen the entire thing yet so I'm about to go check it out. Don't make fun of me if you decide to as well. I cry easily ;)


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