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America's Got Talent Results: K? by Cirque Du Soleil & Train's 'Hey, Soul Sister' Plus the Top 4 ch

America's Got Talent Results: K? by Cirque Du Soleil & Train's 'Hey, Soul Sister' Plus the Top 4 cheap jerseys
It was another typically predictable night on America's Got Talent with the Top 4 acts that were selected. So far the acts that have gotten the most coverage from all of their auditions   to the highest praises from all of the judges have made it through. Are we starting to see a pattern developing here? What irks me more than anything is how the judges in their condescending way have said repeatedly said "America gets it right." Technically that isn't true. We didn't vote for these acts in the audition phases in the first place. It was no doubt the AGT producers. Then for show time it was the judges. More than likely are votes are merely gauges for "the powers that be" to use as validation they are right after all. With that being said the results show, apart from being a bore of predictable acts going on to the semi-finals, saw a beautiful performance of Chinese acrobatics from Cirque du Soleil. Also, the latest hit single Hey, Soul Sister from Train off of their album Save Me, San Francisco were the musical guests. Now without further ado an exact template of last week's format here is what went down on America's Got Talent, the results show. This was completely obvious who was going through and who were going home. I thought maybe the Mona Sampath Dance Group had a shot, but that's not to be.AscenDance was the first act through to the semi finals. Of course I was thrilled for them. Afterwards, they mentioned how excited they are to show America this new art form of combining wall climbing with dance and athleticism. I truly can't wait to see what they have in store next. From their permanent stage at the MG Grand in Las Vegas to Hollywood here was a performance worthy of what a spectacular Vegas style show is all about. It's filled with lavish costumes, bright colors, incredible feats of human ability, and a lot going onstage simultaneously. That is exactly what Kà by Cirque du Soleil was all about. Their story is the coming of age for a young man and woman through love, conflict and the duality of Kà or fire that can either unite or separate plus destroy or illuminate. I loved seeing the Chinese acrobatics featured.
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