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What's Your Favorite Game On The Wii Fit?

I was always best at the balance games, which is funny since I am the least coordinated person I know. I always thought I was the Wii Fit master but after I got sick and took a few weeks off, I realized how important it is to keep at it. Before my operation, I always got a perfect score on my favorite game, the Soccer heading, but I could barely make the top 10 after I started back on it!

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Perfect on soccer heading!?!?! OMG, I've never gotten perfect. But I think it is more coordination than balance. What do you think?

I like all the new training games, the juggling one I like ... because it is so challeging. Then probably the Kung Fu one. So cute
I am very interested in seeing more answers to this question! We have four kids, two at college and two still at home. Under the guise of telling my husband just how much the kids would love to have a Wii, I made sure we picked up the Wii Fit as well as other games. We set up today and after an initial one hour of playing some of the other games, the Wii Fit hasn't been turned off in three hours!! The six of us are taking turns and boy am I getting a work-out! According to the system I have about 90 pounds to lose (in actuality I would like to lose about 65). All six of us are loving it, and right now I don't believe that I'll have trouble fitting it into my day! So far the games I enjoyed the most AND felt the most burn on were the hula-hoop games (and I did enjoy that soccer game, too, but it was HARD). I really don't even know yet what is here, so looking for suggestions on favorites :)
I really like a variety of the games, but probably the various rhythm games are my favorite. Boxing, kung-fu, parade, advanced step aerobics. As a family (my husband, my son 9 yo, and I) we have enjoyed the skii-jump and obstacle course.
I still havent tried the yoga, strength training, soccer, and quite a few more.

All the games are challenging in different ways. Some really get your heart going and others just make you sweat :)
I love the WF Plus. Bought it Sunday, got on yesterday (midsection sore -- that's a good thing). Today I just went through all the games that we're on the original WF. It took me 10 minutes to catch that darn mole with my beach ball, but it was fun. I didn't do well on anything (except the run at the end), but first time is a learning curve. I love the bicycle. So different. I can't play golf in real life, nor on Wii. Can't juggle either, but I will persevere.
Hey! I just have the regular wii fit not the new plus yet... my favorite games are the balance ones ...and my favorite of those is the one that you are in a bubble going down the river! My next fave is the one that you have to get the mii balls in the holes...
WF Plus has gotten me motivated again. Just got blood work back and LDLs are a little high -- exercise will help that. My midsection is really sore. That's an indication it's working. Even got hubby on it last night. I laughed until I cried. We really had fun.
wow I haven't seen the beach ball/mole game (!) but I'm going to look for that today. I honestly haven't been super investigative myself, I've let my kids show me some of the games and then I try. I HAVE been using it every day, though, and while I warm up with that Soccer heading I am awful at it!! lol but I always put that into my warm up so that some day I will actually get better at it... I have some done of the yoga and I do enjoy that - but the games are so fun - and I love the hula hoop games bec/ boy do I feel them in my core! So I KNOW they are working! and each day I have done the step (starting slow with beginner and then do the advanced) and the biking (I, too, love the biking - very relaxing) and the slalom reminds me of 25 years ago when I used to ski in real life. :) So okay, today I will look for the boxing, bubble down the river game and the beach ball activity. :)

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