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Shoes to wear when doing wiifit plus exercises



Just discovered this site.  Have been doing Wii Plus for a while, did not wear any shoes, ended up with a stress fracture in my foot.  Do you wear walking shoes, walking sandles when doing Wii exercises?  Do you wear these shoes when you weigh in? 


Thanks to for your input.


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I just started the Wii fit plus and have not been wearing shoes. I mentioned I thought about starting to wear my walking shoes and my daughter said you are not supposed to wear shoes. Do you have any suggestions on what shoes would be appropriate to wear?
Hi Ellen:

Glad to hear from you. I don't really know what to tell you re wearing shoes. I know that I have been doing Wii Plus without shoes, my foot doctor thinks that I probably caused the stress fracture in my foot from doing the Wii marching, step, and etc. exercises on a hard tile floor. That is why I posted the question about wearing shoes. Maybe some more people will see question and answer. I just had cast removed from my foot and have about a month before I can resume any type of foot arobic exercises. I do have a mat which came with my Wii Plus but did not use. Like your daughter, I thought that you were not supposed to wear any kind of shoe but in the magazine where I saw the articlel about "Wiimommies," all those women had on running shoes. Let me know what you find out.

I took injured my foot using the Wii Fit without shoes. After 4 months in a boot, I am back to using the Wii but with tennis shoes. I've heard of so many stress fractures from using the Wii without shoes.

Are you using your tennis shoes on the board? Someone mentioned, earlier post, (can't find post)that if you use any kind of shoes with the board, it effects the warranty. I have just had a cast removed a couple of weeks ago, doctor says to start back on Wii but very carefully. Maybe should consider wearing shoes.

let me know what you find out, there has been previous discussions re wearing shoes or not.

I started wearing new New Balance shoes on the Wii Balance Board the minute I was cleared to resume impact activities like aerobics or running. You are right that it does void the warranty, but I've been using shoes on it since June with no problem. I hope I didn't jinx myself. My doctor said she has no doubt that my injury was caused from impact on the Balance Board with no shoes. In fact, she said that she has other patients that use the Wii with similar injuries and she was going to ask them if they wore shoes or not. Perhaps there are hundreds of us with the same issue. Anyway, to answer your question, I use regular shoes, but they are a pair that I am dedicating to indoor use only.
Thanks for your reply. I think that I have decided to try using my walking/running sandels when I do any kind of walking, marching, etc. on Wii. My doctor also believes that my foot stress fracture was caused by impact on the board without shoes.

So, my foot health is more important to me than the balance board. Guess if something happens and the warranty is voided, will just buy a new board. Sure don't want to go through 6 weeks of a cast and then several weeks with a boot again.


I had the same problem when I started using the wii fit. The best solution is to buy a silicon cover for the board to relieve the presure it feels really good on your feet. You can even buy ones that have presure dots on them to pamper your feet. Best buy I have made in awhile.

Hi Brittany:


Thanks for your advice re the silicon cover.  Where do you buy?

I would think if you are moving side to side instead of just front and back then you may want a pair of cross trainers seeing that will give you more support for those type of movements vs a walking shoe. I think one issue to think about with wearing shoes on the balance board is slipping. I think using the silicone covers they make help so its not slippery.

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