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I am new to Wii fit.  I cannot motivate my self to do anything.  How can I motivate myself to get up and exercise.  The Wii fit is fun but I am still not motivated!  Help!

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Basically, you need to make yourself do it until you get into a routine. It gets easier once that routine is in place. You can also set up a reward system for yourself. If I exercise for XX minutes, then I get to XX. (Just make sure it's not food related if you're doing this to lose weight.) If you get bored easily, you'll want to mix up your routine a bit.

If you find that you can't get motivated by yourself, then see if someone will be willing to do it with you or join a fitness challenge.

You need to decide why you want to do this and then set tangible goals for yourself. You need to make sure there are concrete deadlines with realistic goals for that timeline.
I used to be the same, when I first started I was hopeless for not wanting to get up and get going! I found that using the "Free Step" version of the step class was great. I used to set that going then watch an episode of the Simpsons while I stepped away - instant 30 min work out! Once I saw that it was working it was easier to get motivated to do the other work outs!
Is the "Free Step" version part of the Wii fit? I have not used my Wii Fit for about 10 mionths, but it is time to pull it out again, and I enjoy the step aerobics, but I am wondering what this is. can turn it on, get started and then while leaving the wii on you can switch your tv so you can watch tv or something and you will continue stepping and can hear the pace you need to keep up with through the wiimote.
I'm new to Wii fit as well. Just set it up tonight and did about 30 min of various things. I also have a hard time, am hoping to find some folks who can work together trying to motivate each maybe just checking in with each other online daily or every other day...whatever works. I work nights 7pm-7am 3 nights a week....varying nights...but, think I can work in at least 30 min a day. That may be biting off more than I can chew, but I'm willing to try. ANYWAY, I'm looking for some folks to help keep me honest and to feel accountable to...and vice versa. So, if anyone thinks that might work for them...let me know. Thanks

Count me in Deborah! I needthe same kind of push. I am a high school teacher who is always planning or grading at home and never takes the time for exercise, but WANTS TO! I just can't get motivated.  How can we keep in touch and keep each other on track? I just signed up for WiiMommies tonight.


Hi I was here for a while and now I'm back and ready to get back into  it.  I need accountability too.  I played my wii fit plus for 30 minutes last night burned 91 calories and want to do it again tonight but I have to work till 8pm so not sure I'll be able to get my time on the wii,  I hope to.



accountabilty is a good thing....i'd love to join this 'team' if there is a set up yet?

i am very much the same! however as i like to check my facebook and email after dropping kids off at school i wont allow myself till i've done at least 20 mins on the wii fit first! most mornings it works and other mornings i manage about 10 mins...but its all a start!

good luck....i'm sure you will find your 'niche' to get you going :)

I love the idea that you without hold fun stuff until after Wii Fit or reward yourself for doing WiiFit; however, you want to look at it. I think I am going to start by saying I am not allowed to turn on the TV until 8pm. Remember I am a high school teacher and although I get out of work early I have carpool and bring a lot of work home most nights.  I am now pledging to start doing WiiFit before I am allowed to turn the TV on.  Keep me honest ladies.  Having to tell you I did not do it may be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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