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Best Exercises for Weak Knees

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here. I've been using Wii Fit off and on for just about 2 months (I must admit it's been more OFF than on). Anyway I've decided to really make a commitment and try to get in shape for the summer, but I have pretty bad knees and I'm looking for advice on some of the games that might help to strengthen them. 


I love the running game, but I don't really feel like its doing much to really help my knees I feel it more in my thighs, etc. I'd appreciate any advice you might have!





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Have you tried the hoola hooping? It could actually strengthen your knees. Start out slow. Also, It burns the most calories compared to the other games. The yoga is something that can also have strengthen your core. I've been doing the Wii fit for 34 days. I had a baby 6 weeks ago-I haven't lost much but clothes are fitting better. Hope this helps :)

Hi Christy,

That's a good idea, Thanks. I've done the hoola hoop but I hadn't thought to make it a part of my normal routine. I think I'll do it today when I work out. I'm going to Wii Fit in the am & do EA in the pm.


Oh congratulations on the new baby, and on having the resolve to begin working out so soon after giving birth. I have a two year old and after he was born I was so tired it was hard enough just remembering to eat on a regular basis ;-) Now my biggest challenge is figuring out ways to keep him occupied so I can use the Wii


Anyway, thanks again.



I have found that doing the yoga first every morning really seems to help everything get loosen up. I have 6 items I like and it takes 12 min. Then everything seems a little easier. I have really bad joints too. I have ms. I am trying to lose the weight from medications. My doctor is the one that got me started on the wii. I am loving it. I have had it for 10 weeks and i have lost 6 lbs. not much but it is a start. Good luck and keep it going.
Wow,Thanks for the advice Karen! I must admit I haven't really given the yoga much of a chance. I've mainly concentrated on the aerobic exercises.

Loosing is a slow process but I def feel stronger when doing the Yoga -since they give u points based on balance. I like to see that I have improved each day. I think the big part of loosing the weight is watching your diet. I eat tuna straight from the can (in water only). I have high fiber cereal for breakfast and don't eat anything after 7pm. My biggest weakness is BudLight. I love the taste of beer. :(


Well that settles it I'm going to try a couple of yoga poses this morning after my son finishes breakfast- Thanks!

Sounds like you're pretty disciplined! Right now I usually just have Steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, a frozen meal for lunch and Dr. Oz's Longevity Shake as a mid day snack. I also started taking some supplements that he recommended.  Hopefully I'll start to see some progress :-)

Which high fiber cereal do you eat??

I love the oatmeal. I eat that a ton. I also do yogurt and toast. The muliti grain. Try they have a great calorie counter. It is free. It really helps me keep count of where I am at each day.

Oh- Thanks for the tip. I forgot about spark. :0)


I definitely need to drop by that site today- I'm looking for a good/lowfat recipe for crab cakes.

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