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I'm back

Hi all, it's been quite a while since I first signed up and I was gung ho about my wii fit.  I took a long break due to time constraints, moving, soccer, boy scouts, girl scouts blah blah blah.


So I decided that I'm going to get back to doing something that I like and made me feel good.  I got Wii Fit Plus a while back and I like it so much more.  I love the routines that just flow from one activity to the next and I "played" for 30 minutes last night and burnes 91 calories having fun.


I hope to keep it up and fight to find time for myself!



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My success started with the Wii Fit and I had since moved on to a more "Gym" like personal training style workout with EA SPORTS Active and find that I work a lot harder and get faster results (4 days a week instead of the 7 I usually do on the Wii Fit) but then i was at my mothers over the holidays and I was showing her how to use the Wii Fit and I forgot A) How much fun it is and B) It can kick your ass!  Now I've gone back to using it daily.  I make sure I get 30 minutes in.  I start with some yoga to warm up (I still have to have my board by a wall.  I don't care how flexible I get, I still lack coordination) and then I do the ten minute hula hoop (I tried reading to pass the time - doesn't work but I can text lol) and then I've gotten into the expert step aerobics.  I think I'm going to add the boxing in today, I want my waist back to flat like it was this summer. 


Even if you can't find a full 30, just see about getting the kids a snack and kick out a ten minute hula hoop.  I know a gal who only did that every day and she lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks without changing her diet!

Thanks for the tips Julie!
Not a problem!  I do the best I can and if it wasn't for the advice and support of everyone here, I'd be lost!
it takes a big man to admit he's morbidly obese.
:( my wii fit plus disk is not bummed because it has so many fun little games (like the bird flying one) that get your heart rate up.  Right now I am just using the regular wii fit (and other wii games and dvds), and swear by the hula hooping to burn away inches off your waist! 

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